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Emerging Artist: The Horrors by tjwell01

Pull yourself out of your world and slip into some new-wave psychedelic pop just getting hot from across the pond. I gladly introduce to you, The Horrors.

Sophomore album, “Primary Colours” (May 5th, XL Records), is a kick ass mix of UK garage rock, new wave electro-pop and moody lyrics. To top it off, they’ve got some style. Just from the look of them, they look like a combination of The Cure and Motley Crue.

Hit single, “Sea Within a Sea” isn’t even close to the best song on the album. I’ve been listening to the top tracks, “Who Can Say” and “Scarlet Fields” the past two days and leaving it on “repeat.” They’re brilliant in their complexity and also their simplicity. “Scarlet Fields,” for example, keeps a simple four-note bass line rolling in the back while a cranked up synthesizer howls and coos in-and-out of the chorus.

The album itself is full of moody tracks that sizzle with savage distortion and harmonic keyboard tunes. “Who Can Say” is the best rock-out song on the album that features raw garage guitar with whistling  Cure-like tunes setting the 1980s mood. I love the 1980s retro sound exploding right now.

The singer, Faris Badwan (what a name!), has a dynamic voice that can reach the deep baritone of Matt Berninger from the National, but can also crack his voice  like Alec Ounsworth from Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah. Stylistically, he keeps his vocals under an echo effect, which works.

The album isn’t perfect, but it’s hot enough for me to keep a look out for them in the future. Keep your ears to the grindstone! I’ll be broadcasting some Horrors on the radio show tomorrow from 10am to 1pm, hosted by the best Review Editors in the world—Tuan and myself.

–Jett Wells, Co-Reviews Editor

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