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20 Watts Weekly Podcast #1 by caitlindewey


Jett and I have some v. exciting news for you.

As if you weren’t inundated enough with podcasts, downloads and other new media ‘gimmicks,’ we have created the all-new – the exclusive – the amazing – 20 WATTS WEEKLY PODCAST.

Jett and I will sacrifice our time and reputations to bring you the week’s best music news and commentary, complete with song bytes and idiotic chatter. 


FREE 4 ALL: 20 Watts Weekly Podcast #1

On Podcast #1: Food poisoning, Smash Bros side projects, bad remixes, worse top 100 lists, the difficulties of picking a day to attend All Points West and how naked you should be at a Girl Talk show. 

This thing is in its baby stages, y’all, so PLEASE comment and  let us know what you think.  Do you want more music?  More raciness?  More Jett/less Caitlin?  We also need a more creative name.   

Until next Friday, then…!

– Caitlin, front of book editor


I’m digging it!

Comment by Jett Wells

Jett’s never heard of Neutral Milk Hotel? You guys should have come up with pseudonyms, because that’s embarrassing.
FYI, Caitlin. Crystal Castles sucks live, but Ting Tings sounds great.

I think next week you should keep this shorter, 10-15 minutes. Great job, guys!

Comment by Mary C.

Also, obvious erotic stage band: Tatu from when we were in 5th grade, those Russian girls that made out with each other, duh!

Comment by Mary C.

Crystal Castles sucks live?! Wtf dude. Sort of crushed by this.
I agree with 10-15 minutes.
Thanks Mary!!

Comment by caitlindewey

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hey guys, I’d really love to listen to this, but every time I click on the link mediafire says there’s an error.

Any way you can fix it?


Comment by Marc Sollinger

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