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Releases of the Week: Destiny Or Design & Fit For An Autopsy by subsonicd1sc0rd


Destiny Or Design – 2009 EP

Long Island may not seem like its actually part of the United States, but this awkward-looking piece of land has supplied the country with great music for a number of years. There’s the pop-rock legends known as Taking Back Sunday, emo saviors in Brand New, and post-hardcore aficionados, Glassjaw. Despite the influx of bands  there’s only been a handful to stand out. Destiny Or Design is one of them. They deliver some of the most original and diverse music the island has ever hosted. Their newest material is produced by Bryan Russell. It has catchier hooks than most radio hits and combines technicality with accessibility. Mark my words: this band has a huge future ahead of them.

The track “In A World” has a chill vibe emphasized by vocalist Dave DiPrimo’s soaring falsetto and guitarist Tommy Fleischmann’s jazzy solos. “Get Down (With The Get Down)” has a completely different approach, driven by fast, creative drumming and an overall heavier sound. Destiny Or Design’s ability to showcase their broad spectrum of influences without compromising their individuality is an incredible feat. This three song EP perfectly captures the fusion that will catapult Destiny Or Design to the forefront of the scene and will certainly not disappoint any fan of real, inventive music.


Fit For An Autopsy – Hell On Earth

Lately, vocalist Nate Johnson seems to be in every band. After his short stint in Through The Eyes Of The Dead he moved on to established hardcore outfit, Since The Flood. Then they broke up. Now he is front man for the legendary Turmoil and Fit For An Autopsy. Consisting of ex-members from The Acacia Strain, Shattered Realm, and many others, this project instantly found its way into the hearts of heavy music fans. Their first EP, entitled Hell On Earth, is a free release that delivers an abundance of down-tuned breakdowns and death metal sensibilities. You could call Fit For An Autopsy a “deathcore” band but the (now demeaning) term does not do their music justice.

Fit For An Autopsy benefit from their lineup of experienced musicians. Listeners will distinguish their brand of “deathcore” from the competition due to their extreme precision. Drummer Brian Mathis is a double-kick beast and efficiently articulates each dissonant chug with his skillful technique. When all the elements of the music come together, it sounds like absolute mayhem. In “Digging Shallow Graves” Johnson angrily growls: “It’s gonna be a cold day in hell/Before I let you ruin my fucking life” over a terrifyingly heavy breakdown. Although generic, Fit For An Autopsy play with such conviction that it’s hard not to be impressed. Hell On Earth is a great introduction to the band and if Nate Johnson doesn’t decide to leave, there will be much to look forward to. 

– Jeremy Garber

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