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Review: New Peaches Album “I Feel Cream” by tjwell01
April 5, 2009, 5:46 pm
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I only need one word to describe Peaches’ new album—–flat.

“I Feel Cream,” which is set to release on May 5th, drags like a slug as it flashes boring bass beats and mediocre lyrics, which are laced with cheesy vulgarity. Title track ,”I Feel Cream,” is the only decent song because it rocks MSTRKRFT-esque beats to actual singing, rather than dull raps.

The video above is Peaches’ only accomplishment, “Fuck the Pain Away.” I remember the first time I heard this song while watching Bill Murray sit down in a Japanese strip bar during “Lost in Translation.” My first thoughts were: “Whoa, this is  a weird song. Eeeewww, actually this is slimey.” I felt that way for a long time, and even to this day, I still don’t think this world is ready for Peaches.

Peaches’ biggest problem is its vocal energy. The chorus in opening track “Serpentine” goes like this: “I don’t give a fuck if you call me/ I don’t give a fuck if you’re following me/ I don’t give a fuck if you fall for me/ Serpentine–Serpentine—Never a straight line—Serpentine.” I ignore the fact that these lyrics are bitchy and annoying, and focus on how lifeless Merrill Beth Nisker’s voice is. It literally sounds like she is singing these lyrics with a straight face without blinking. She needs to raise her voice at points and let out emotion. This kind of song is novel to listen to—-for one song. After that, I tune out and watch syndicated sit-coms.

The best  song on the album is title track “I Feel Cream” because the beats are more creative and Nisker actually hangs  notes for once. The vocals in this song have more range than the rest of the album combined. The electronic beat  sounds a lot like the one in MSTRKRFT’s “Bounce” off the new album “Fist of God.” I wonder why Peaches doesn’t use more long-range singing techniques, because in my opinion, it works a whole lot better.

This album isn’t even fit for a party. Take a whiff, and you’ll know these Peaches are rotten.


Who wrote this? Hilarious.

Comment by caitlindewey

haha! She sings on MOST of the new songs! Flat my ass!

Comment by Jono

A different review of Peaches I Feel Cream can be found here


Comment by alexdarkly

I did…I forgot to tag my name.

Comment by tjwell01

Hilariously dimwitted review.

Comment by Scott

More mainstream and less shock factor than her earlier work, but lifeless and flat?!?! go see her live…

Comment by carlido

the world’s not ready for Peaches? YOU are not ready for Peaches. go to a strip club and get some life experience.

Comment by ohcrepe

Wow, I couldn’t disagree more with this review. Actually, this is the most danceable album I’ve heard in a really long time. Her lyrics are clever and fun and I can’t wait to see her live in a couple of weeks.

Comment by jaymie

I think the album was what I have come to expect from Peaches. She is very grimy, she is nasty, but she dose not take herself too seriously. It’s fun music and I think she knows exactly what is is doing. I give it two thumbs up!

Comment by daniel

Rubbish!! The new album is amazing. I guess this kind of music isn’t made for people who watch syndicated sit-coms anyway…

Comment by HazMat

Its fools like the one who wrote this article that remind me why no one should listen to critics. I’ve been a Peachers for many years now (long before Lost in Translation) and in my opinion this is her best album. It breaks away from her old style (which rocks I might add) without losing the Peaches we know and love. She has energy, just see her live and you can feel it and this album is far from flat!

Comment by Clint

I don’t agree with this review whatsoever! This album is already my number one favourite album! It’s a bit more subtle and polished than her prior work, which was just as fantastic, but quite a bit more full-on. This record has lots of references and innuendo, but the lyrics are not as graphic and more sensual. Except for “(Fuck You Like A) Billionaire”

…And the only good comments about the title track did not give the track the justice it deserves. The song ‘I Feel Cream’ is possibly one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard, it’s just perfection… and her vocals! I knew she could sing, but not THIS good!

It’s an amazing record! I Highly Recommend It!!!
4.5/5 Stars

Comment by brad

You are totally wrong! I have all of her albums including her new one and I love them!!
Peaches is awesome and one of a kind. Her lyrics are hilarious and I can totally relate to her…well most of the time. haha
I love the way she sings and actually prefer her old style of singing, but she has a beautiful voice either way!
I’m going to see her June 12…I can’t wait!!

Comment by Jennifer

fk the review. it is fantastic!

Comment by freakonaleash

it’s really funny that this review only mentions two tracks.
i’m wondering if the reviewer even bothers to make it past “i feel cream”, which is getting relatively the same feedback this reviewer is giving; question to the writer, did you actually even listen past the first song and rehash what others have written about the title track with “witty puns” (if that) about vulgarity and rotten peaches?
she uses her voice on quite a few songs, but you have to remember she is aging and she’s becoming a little bit more mature with some of her songs.
they’re not all going to be “fuck the pain away” or “two guys for every girl”.

Comment by Michael

K guys, we get it – Jett’s opinions are not always the mainstream’s. I’m usually the first to criticize his reviews, so yeah, understood.

But – “fools like the one that wrote this article”? “Did you even listen past the first song”?

Thanks dudes, you’ve really sold me. I’m going to go download Peach’s entire discography right now!

Comment by caitlindewey

The reviewer got this all wrong. He obviously doesn’t get Peaches at all. Her genius is in her word play and juxtaposition of visuals music and lyrics. She speaks Serpentine in a voice just above a whisper to create a certain effect and mood which is quite original I thought. Emotion would have made this piece sound over the top. I don’t t he is ready for Peaches although the world, especially females needs her brazen honest art. This album is a creative break through for her.

Comment by Muddy

This is one of the best albums of the year… this guy has NO clue

Comment by Dark Side of the Tune

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