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Emerging Artists: Kilgore trout is Dead by carlywolkoff

Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. is one of my favorite writers. Ever. So when I was reading up on some upcoming shows, I was delighted to discover an artist called Kilgore trout is Dead. For those who don’t know, Kilgore Trout is a character appearing in many of Vonnegut’s novels, serving almost as his alter ego. Trout was an underappreciated science fiction author whose work was only deemed worthy enough to act as filler in pornographic magazines. However, in the end Trout is finally appreciated and lauded for his work.

Like Kilgore Trout challenged literary norms with his controversial fiction, Kilgore trout is Dead is deconstructing musical standards with his unconventional sound. Listening to Kilgore trout is Dead is similar to dreaming. Musician, Ezra Donellan’s often muffled voice softly echoes in your ears while surreally euphoric melodies (sometimes created using a ukulele or bazooka) play in the background. This combination lulls you into a trippy trance-like state–and trust me, you’ll go there willingly.

But right now, Kilgore trout is Dead feels sort of like his namesake—ready for some much deserved recognition.

-Carly Wolkoff

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