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Editor’s Pick #105: M.I.A. keeps it controversial by caitlindewey
April 9, 2009, 8:18 am
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Well, it wouldn’t be a good week in music news if M.I.A. didn’t piss off someone in the Sri Lankan government/press/military/international diaspora.

This week, she managed to land herself on the Sri Lankan army’s Web site with her controversial backing of a British civilian aid project, which may or may not ACTUALLY be delivering food to Tamil terrorists.

For all of you who have not listened to all of Kala (grave mistake, btw) and are thus not up on M.I.A.’s politics, the British hip-hop artist is of Sri Lankan descent and is the daughter of a Tamil separatist. She has been famously and controversially accused of supporting the Tamil Tigers, the terrorists/freedom fighters (y’all fight out which) responsible for dozens of assasinations and massacres in Sri Lanka.

M.I.A. claims this project, titled “Mercy Mission” and sponsored by the UK non-profit “ACT NOW,” is delivering 2000 metric tons of food to starving civilians in the Tamil warzone. The Sri Lankan government claims that the food is intended for the Tamil Tigers.

Sounds like a LOT of funny business.  Keep it coming, M.I.A.!

– Caitlin Dewey, front of book editor

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