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Editor’s Pick #111: Dirty Projectors’ Bitte Orca (2009) by 20watts

The fifth full-length effort from Brooklyn’s violently orchestrated, ever-evolving five-piece is due on June 9.  Will it live up to Dirty Projectors’ distinctive genre-fusing legacy?  Or frontman Dave Longstreth’s recent collaboration with David Byrne?  You be the judge… the Projectors’ have released their first single, “Stillness is the Move,” and several live performances of Bitte Orca material are available on Youtube.

– Caitlin Dewey, front of book editor


For some reason, the file doesn’t work.

Comment by Jett Wells

It worked for me. 😦
It’s a rar, you have to decompress it.
Or I can give it to you during podcast sesh tomorrow.

Comment by 20watts

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