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Editor’s Pick #106: Sigur Ros side project plans first album by caitlindewey

Riceboy Sleep’s debut album was edited in a Hawaiian raw food commune on solar-powered laptops by the avant-garde legend who brought you cryptic album names like ( ) and entire songs in invented and/or obscure Nordic languages.  If that isn’t already enough of a sell, I’m not quite sure what is.

Riceboy Sleeps is a duo composed of Sigur Ros frontman Jon Birgisson and partner Alex Somers, known previously for their collaborative illustration, photography and art video work.  The two have been kicking around the music scene for a few years (you might remember their track “Happiness” on the Dark Was the Night compilation) but this is their first studio release.

The nine-track LP will feature just over an hour of acoustic instrumental tracks, including work by Icelandic quartet Amiina and the Kopavogsdaetur choir, and will be released July 20 on Parlophone.  If the ethereal music videos for “All the Big Trees” (above) and “Daniell in the Sea” are any indication, it should be absolutely epic.  

– Caitlin Dewey, front of book editor 

DOWNLOAD: “Happiness” by Riceboy Sleeps



Ugh…this is bad Sigur Ros…I mean cmon, six minutes of the same notes? BUMP!

Comment by Jett

I think the video is brilliant… and I can’t help but be slightly reminded of a one Brian Eno (music for airports) when I hear parts of this song. As far as ambient, ethereal, dissident music goes, this is tops. Great post; I didn’t even know there was a side project and I’m a massive Sigur Ros fan.

Michael J. Smith

Comment by Michael J. Smith

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