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Editor’s Pick #108: GZA Gossip by tjwell01
April 9, 2009, 11:46 am
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I know I’m beating this concert like a dead horse, but there was something else that happened at the Girl Talk Concert last Sunday that threw me off.  GZA, a former member of Wu Tang Clan and Sunday’s opening act, loves macking hard on college girls/groupies.

During the middle of his set, he was strutting from one end of the stage to the other, and by the time he got to my side (the right), it looked like he was looking right down at me. I was flattered because I thought he was admiring my bitchin’ outfit (green, yellow and red ensemble), but in truth he was staring down two girls standing right next to me. These girls were, of course, wearing tight clothing, bearing major cleavage, but it was this look one of the girls gave GZA that creeped me out. It was a seductive seriousness, like “I want to fuck you, period. Let’s take this back stage, RIGHT NOW!” kind of look. GZA’s look was even sketchier. He looked like a lion licking his chops after killing a hearty gazelle. I shrugged it off, and continued to enjoy myself.

After the set, GZA wanted to meet and greet the crowd, and (*what a surprise*), GZA stops by to give these two girls a more special meet-and-greet. Once he got within a foot, one of the girls gripped him around the neck and it looked like she was shaking. He grabbed her back, and here’s where it got weird. He started pinching her ass, and giving her small kisses. Keep in mind, there’s hundreds of people around waiting for Greg Gillis, and here’s GZA getting his mack on with some random girl at a Cornell Concert. Now these girls were pros, because they immediately started working GZA’s stage manager, negotiating with him to give the girls after-party passes. GZA couldn’t resist. He handed them over. Everyone knew what he was thinking, and I knew. 

So there you go. We all know how GZA’s night ended Sunday.

[Here’s something extra. It’s a cool Pitchfork video of GZA and his son walking around NYC]

–Jett Wells, Co-Reviews Editor

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