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Editor’s Pick #113: Amanda Blank by tjwell01


It’s weird I didn’t notice this, but there have been a lot of new female hip-hop/rap artists breaking out recently. Is it a movement? Let’s consider the following big female artists making their stamp on hip-hop and R&B: M.I.A, Lady GaGa, Santigold, Peaches, Lady Sovereign, Kid Sister and now Amanda Blank. I know I’m missing a few big names here, but I’m blanking.

Amanda Blank, a Philadelphia rapper who’s known for collaborating with Spank Rock, Santigold and Diplo, is releasing her debut album “I Love You” on July 14th through Downtown Records.

The single, “Might Like You Better” is an awesome hip-hop track that mixes Lady GaGa’s harmony with Lady Sovereign’s street sense and Peaches’ electronic vigor.

This is the most club-ready song I’ve heard in weeks. We’ll be hearing this song all summer, trust me. I’ll be waiting for the leak, because the song is so well-edited. Sure, the chorus is a little racy (“I might like you better if we slept together”), but the sound-mixing alone is worth the listen. It sounds a lot like M.I.A., which shouldn’t surprise you because of Amanda Blank’s connection to M.I.A. producer, Diplo.

Speaking of Diplo. This guy has his sticky little fingers on hit-tracks everywhere today. Diplo is also responsible for recruiting BLK JKS out of South Africa. He’s like an anonymous puppet master.

–Jett Wells, Co-Reviews Editor


Does anyone remember the eighties song from which the chorus was recycled?

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