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Emerging Artists: Deastro by kayzimbo

DaestroDeastro is officially my new favorite band.  They classify themselves on their myspace as “German Pop/Japanese Pop/Italian Pop” but manage to mix a Kings of Leon vocal timbre with electronic loops and instrumental glory.  One could call it an identity crisis, but Deastro provides the listener with an incredible variety of music on the album”Keepers.”  While some songs remind me of the intense arrangments of “Sometime Around Midnight” by the The Airborne Toxic Event and “Dawn of the Dead” by Does It Offend You, Yeah, the last song could easily be put on a mixtape with Bon Iver.

This band started out as a one man operation, but has grown to be a full band who gives away their music online.  I approve.  Check out the link below to download the cd “Keepers,” it’s a free download with no repercussions: what’s not to like?

Free 4 All: Daestro, Keepers

-Kyra Zeller



Hey! Nice work. I like it so far!

Comment by tjwell01

This sounds awesome, Kyra. I’m gonna check it out ASAP.

– Jeremy

Comment by subsonicd1sc0rd

There are two more free Deastro downloads here:

Comment by Jenkins

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