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Emerging Artists: Sprengjuhöllin by kayzimbo
April 10, 2009, 11:40 am
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It can be hands down decided that Sigur Rós is the best thing to come out of Iceland.  Whether it’s the orchestral arrangements or close to spiritual performances, this band has created an international following hard to replicate in this indie music niche.  Sprengjuhöllin, a new band out of Iceland, recently caught my attention, but has been steadily growing overseas and just made it’s way to the states for SXSW. 

From previous experience with Icelandic bands, I expected completely foreign lyrical verses with incredible music; this band not only has incredible music but sings in a language I can understand.  The song “Tonight” immediately brought me back to the first time I heard the live version of “The Night Descending” from Iron and Wine’s 2005 Bonnaroo set, which immediately exudes a knee slapping-hippie dancing desire in any listener.  They bring in a bit of a gypsy influence in some songs and have the tranquil feeling of Sufjan Stevens in others.  The buzz around this band is sure to grow, and hopefully I can help spread it once I can pronounce their name.

— Kyra Zeller

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