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DJ Joro Boro: Etnoteck @ the Redhouse by 20watts

I began paying more attention to a genre, which thanks to Zach Condon has received quite a bit of recognition over the years since he formed the band Beirut.

The genre is known as Balkan music, which derived its name from the Balkan countries located in the Southeastern region of Europe. It is labeled as a subgenre of world music or more contemporarily as “gypsy folk”; over time however, the genre has branched out from its traditional roots, infusing itself with modern day techno, indie-pop and even reggaeton, creating a new genre of its own called “Neo-Balkan music.”

Beirut incorporates many elements of brass into their music (refer to the first album Gulag Orkestar). Other artists whose works clearly emerged from Balkan music are A Hawk and A Hacksaw and DeVotchKa.

If you want to get a feel of Balkan music, visit the Redhouse Arts Center in downtown Syracuse for the “XAYC: Shotgun Block Party.” This free event is being held on May 2nd at the Redhouse consists of an exhibit and installation created by Bulgarian visiting artist Daniela Kostova as well as a dance party with DJ Joro Boro.

Boro mixes “etnoteck” a genre, which name-implied, is based on culturally diverse music: gypsy dance hall, Balkan gitano brass, Arab turbo dub, resistance ska, grind bhangra, outer latino, favela freak funk. He is most prominently known for works in collaboration with popular bands such as Gogol Bordello and Balkan Beat Box. XAYC exposes authenticity as mutation and artists Daniela Kostova and Joro De Boro are serving it to you in an art form with a smile, a drink and a dance.

– Carmen Hui

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