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Music + Fashion: Shady Musicians by Rlhelman

There’s NO accessory more important for men and women in the spring/summer months than sunglasses. Kanye’s shutter-shades have made an on-stage impression, but thats not all. Most musicians have pairs that reflect their style of music.

Gwen Stefani reps the unconventional shaped glasses, similar to her bold clothing designs and hair.

Ray-Bans made a come back from Bob Dylan’s decade and will never go out of style. And if a person is wearing a pair of Ray-Bans its safe to assume that they love music.

Musicians like to show their support for their favorite shade-style and designers. For broke college bums that can’t afford the EXACT pair that our favorite front-men/women wear, there are plenty of sites that offer affordable prices for look alike pairs.

— Rachel Helman

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