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Editor’s Pick #119: Keep Gn’R out of Rock Band 2 by tjwell01


I only recently started my obsession to Rock Band 2, and admittedly, I don’t care if I’m addicted. Rightfully so, it pissed me off when I found out Axel Rose wants to spread his cancerous “Chinese Democracy” onto my beloved video game. Granted, I would have to download the new songs onto my Xbox 360 after April 14th, but just the thought of that, makes me squirm.

I don’t want to get into the story of Axel Rose’s delayed release of “Chinese Democracy” and how disgraceful it was that he tried pulling it off as a legit Guns’N Roses album. Whatever, I’m over it. Axel’s a douche, and he needs to cut that awful hair.

However, it made me think how awesome it would be to play Rock Band 2 (or some updated version) to small indie bands like Ra Ra Riot and Phantogram. God, that would be so much fun. Eventually this will be possible, but until then, Rock Band will continue to become just another promotion launch-pad for over-the-hill bands.

Be honest, does anyone care about the upcoming Metallica Rock Band video game? Honestly, I loved (key past tense) Metallica for a long time, but they’re way over the hill, and their songs are too one-dimensional for a single video game. I am, however, very excited for the Beatles Rock Band game set to release on September 9th. I mean, cmon, it’s the Beatles. I know my roommate already wet his pants when he found out about this.

–Jett Wells, Co-Reviews Editor

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