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Green Day Plays Bowery Ballroom by kayzimbo
April 13, 2009, 11:41 am
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Wait, WHAT!!!??  I’m seriously just as confused as you are.  Not only is Green Day back in action, but they are releasing a new album titled “21st Century Breakdown” and will be playing at a 600-person, NYC club, in honor of the release.  The last time Green Day went on tour they could easily sell out 10,000 person stadiums all over the country.  Their last cd sold over twelve million copies, and I’m almost nervous to see how fast these tickets will sell out and how much stubhub will be selling them for.  As crazy as this sounds, even if I’ll be in the area, I’m not so sure how much I’ll be trying to get my foot in that door.  The screaming teenagers and industry execs who will flood the crowd do not sound like an appealing audience to me, but then again, what if they play “Time of Your Life”???  That would change everything.  Oh well – anyways, if you’re interested in going, the show is May 18 (three days after the cd release); let the mosh-pit ensue.

-Kyra Zeller


Haha. Time of Your Life…great song. That was y 8th grade graduation song.

Comment by tjwell01

… and my elementary school graduation song, we even played kazoos! Although I’m still not sure why…

Comment by subsonicd1sc0rd

Awww man…Gotta dig the kazoo.

Comment by tjwell01

Guess what? This is not confirmed by the band or management yet.

Comment by Zalex

hey zalex, thanks for the update. we’ll be sure to stay posted on this topic as it approaches!

Comment by Trevor Kiv

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