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Must See: “Shirt Off” by Blänk by kayzimbo

Okay, so maybe I’ve been on a bit of a techno kick lately, but this is a video that I discovered months ago that I thought you all would enjoy to watch. It is from an unknown Swedish trio called Blänk, and while the lyrics may seem a bit foolish and elementary, the video is creative and impressive for an artist of this size.  It meshes the human and computer aspects of the video together pretty well, and definitely shares the artists’ sense of humor with the audience. I’m not saying that this is equivalent to a Justice or OK Go video, but it’s innovative for a small band.  So enjoy the electronic string section and dope visuals; and approach this with light heart because you’ll definitely dig what you’re about to see.

–Kyra Zeller



This doesn’t feel like techno to me…

Comment by tjwell01

true. maybe not straight-up techno, but i guess i just felt it was relative 🙂

Comment by kayzimbo

i can’t lie, i’ve listened to this non-stop since it was posted.

Comment by carlywolkoff

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