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Editor’s Pick #121: Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah by tjwell01

clap-your-hands-say-yeahEvery once in a while it’s fun to reflect on special albums that stick with you forever. Mine is the Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah LP.

My freshman RA at SkyHall One introduced me to a lot of great bands and is responsible for my indie taste like: Cold War Kids, Ted Leo, Bloc Party, Ra Ra Riot, but CYHASY stuck out. This is mostly because I thought they were terrible and that the singer was painfully out of tune (which he is), so I quickly chucked the record under my bed.

Then one night while riding a Fung Wah bus from New York City to Boston, I found the record on my iPod from months ago, and decided to give it another chance since the bus was stuck in traffic and I had nothing else better to do. I listened to it again. Again. Again, and then something clicked. Alec Ounsworth’s voice suddenly started to sound like something musical. It still cracked, it still missed every note, but I was beginning to understand the genius of his voice.

From that point everything fell into place. I was in love. The tight bass lines gripped me by the shoulders, the crashing hooks shook me, and the weirdly enchanting choruses swayed me. Every track from soft-toned “Over and Over Again” to the rocking fast-paced “Heavy Metal” gave me goose-bumps. The first song that convinced me was “The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth.” Listen to the opening synthesizer riff, and let it consume you.

CYHASY is one of the those bands that takes a while to get into, but sticks around forever. You know you’ve found a great band when you force yourself to overcome your reservations about an album and fall in love with it later.

To this day, I have yet to hear a band as original, quirky and rock ‘n roll. Their sound is super geeky, completely indie and utterly awesome.

It breaks my heart that I still haven’t seen them perform live. It’s even more devastating that rumors are swirling that the band may be finished playing. There’s some hope though. They recently played on Jimmy Kimmel with a new song titled “Statues.” It wasn’t a great song, to be honest, but maybe this means they’re open to the idea of releasing a third album. If it comes to anything close to the LP, I’ll be a happy camper.

– Jett Wells, Co-Reviews Editor

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