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Editor’s Pick #126: Kevin Spacey Inspires Music! by tjwell01

kevin_spaceyI had to post this, because it blew my mind.

The Streets, a British Rapper also known as Mike Skinner, is recording and releasing three new songs on his Twitter page (as in one song per day) for three days starting today. I like the concept. All artists should give up tyring to sell their songs.

That’s not what I care about though. Skinner said he found the inspiration from watching Kevin Spacey in the “Usual Suspects.”

“‘Kevin Spacey inspiration,’ Skinner wrote of that film’s mysterious criminal protagonist. ‘You won’t hear from me till tomorrow eve and a song I will have,'” sourced by SPIN.


If you didn’t see my earlier post about playing in garage bands, I said my last band was titled Kevin Spacey is a Good Actor (with Adam Biswanger, Nathan Mattise and Christina Lacy). We too were inspired by Kevin Spacey, except it was from the other Spacey great,  “American Beauty.”

It was totally ridiculous that we found inspiration from Kevin Spacey back in freshman year. We didn’t write songs about him–we just based our band name off him. But with Skinner’s same inspiration, I’m starting to think Kevin Spacey is an alien from outer space hell-bent on influencing music around the world. Dear God! Before we know it, Kevin Spacey will manipulate every band out there and force them to write songs about him in worship!

Doesn’t this sound like a South Park episode? Shhhhh.

P.S. Mike Skinner’s Twitter account is called “Skinnermike.”

–Jett Wells, Co-Reviews Editor

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