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Editors Pick #127: “Stillness is the Move” by 20watts

Yeah yeah, this is my second Dirty Projectors post this week.  It’s sort of hard to be a good music blogger/journalist when an amazing album ensnares your attention for multiple days at a time.

I just can’t get over the composition on Bitte Orca.  Take “Stillness is the Move,” the highly hyped first single, with its assymetrical rhythm, sporadic percussion, shining vocal layers and quirky, charming lyrics.  Already legendary for their innovative songwriting, the Projectors pushed it even further on this one, infusing the track with R&B and African influences and layering Amber Coffman’s voice on top.

The result is a gorgeous pop track with big breakthrough potential.  Can you blame me for blogging about nothing else?!

LISTEN: “Stillness is the Move” on Last.fm

– Caitlin Dewey, front of book editor



Yes, in fact, I can!

Comment by tjwell01

Don’t hate, Jett, don’t hate.

Comment by 20watts

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