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Editors Pick #128: Arthur & Yu 7″ by 20watts

Arthur & Yu  haven’t released much of anything since their 2007 debut In Camera.  The psychadelic indie folk duo put out a gorgeous freshman effort, basked briefly in their harmonic, reverb-heavy, ’60s-informed fame, and then disappeared back into West Coast obscurity.

Good news, world: Arthur & Yu are, in fact, still around.

March’s Sub Pop Singles Club 7″ featured two new Arthur & Yu songs: the curiously named “Don’t Piss into the Fire” and “Magic Mtn.”  The duo’s distinctive, vintage folk feel permeates both tracks, promising good things for future material. 

No word on when that future material will manifest itself as an actual sophomore release, or what Arthur & Yu are doing in the mean time.  According to their label, Hardly Art, the duo is not currently touring and is scheduled to play only two (two!) shows this summer.

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– Caitlin Dewey, front of book editor

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