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Editor’s Pick #132: In Pursuit of the Trivial by tjwell01

trivial-pursuit-board-gameNathan Mattise’s music/pop-culture blog, In Pursuit of the Trivial, just posted it’s first podcast (since ours is taking so long to get posted).

Mattise discusses his infatutation with all-so-famous Phantogram, The Girl Talk Concert and other tidbits going on in music. He taught me everything I know.

Give it a listen.

–Jett Wells, Co-Reviews Editor


Man, slow news day eh? 🙂

You know you just solidified yourself as a podcast guest in an upcoming month, that means we’ll need to see a concert together in NYC or have a teleconference about some CNY music news (…and I have a good news topic for next month already)

Comment by Nate M.

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