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Editor’s Pick #134: Jack White, Chill Out! by tjwell01

dead-weather-jack-whiteI’m writing this as a request to the grunge/pop-rock phenom Jack White, attributed to the following bands: The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and now The Dead Weather.

Jack, you either have severe dyslexia, the biggest melon ever or you’re the biggest band whore ever. I mean, how many bands do you need to form or join to satisfy your musical needs? Honestly!

Also, not gonna lie, The Dead Weather sounds a lot like The Raconteurs. I’m starting to really think you have issues sticking to something for once. It didn’t work with your ex-wife Meg, it didn’t work with Renee Zellweger, and you love spreading your seed by playing with Alicia Keys and The Rolling Stones. Daddy issues, perhaps?

We get it! You’re talented, and you can rip the guitar. However, enough is enough

–Jett Wells, Co-Reviews Editor


You’re kidding, right? I will never have TOO much of Jack White. I love most everything musically he has been involved in, and those things I less than love, they are at the very least interesting. This man loves to make music, he seems to live and breathe music. Nothing flat about his passion for his life’s work. Keep rocking Jack, put together as many bands as you like… as a music lover, you can count my interest as THERE. That being said, can’t wait for “Horehound”. Jack and VV???!!!! Wow!

Comment by Noelle

Dyslexia? He has a learning disability that causes him to be in many bands? It would be cool if you could remove this word before it offends someone that matters.
Also, I disagree with your request that he stop forming new projects. It would be different if they all wore black white and red, but considering they are completely different creative outlets, rock on Jack White.

Comment by Mary C.

I agree with Jett. Jack White just needs to put out another White Stripes album. I kinda hate everything else he’s done. Raconteurs and Dead Weather all sound like filler compared to stuff on White Blood Cells or The White Stripes self-titled.
Eric VB

Comment by 20watts

I’m just of the opinion that these “completely different creative outlets” lack the musical quality and talent of his work with his ex-girlfriend/faux-sister, as screwed-up as that may sound.

Comment by Eric V-B

You don’t know much if you think Dead Weather sounds like the Raconteurs. Dead Weather’s sound is much more raw…in fact, I don’t see any resemblance at all. Sure you’re not harboring a resentment against the very talented Jack White?

Comment by Lesley

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