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Emerging Artist: Le Rug by kayzimbo
April 15, 2009, 2:11 pm
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le-rugLe Rug is a Brooklyn band that plays music mainly composed by lead singer/guitarist, Ray Weiss. After being part of many bands, including New Jersey natives the Medics, and after a trip to the mental ward, Weiss went on to curate yet another band.

Le Rug could be considered a typical indie band, but they combine a slightly muted and out of tune voice with tangled guitar lines that weave together to create an eccentrically calculated melody. One could compare them to Sharks Roar (another band I’ll be writing about tomorrow) or any messy indie band that keeps you wanting more from the intricate instrumentation.  

They released an EP (their SIXTH album/EP which is pretty ridiculous for a band that’s only been in existence for two years) titled America (Tamur Records) on April 10 and you should definitely get  your hands on it.

–Kyra Zeller

20W Free 4 All: Le Rug, America

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hey, that’s me with the parrot beak and the gun to my head!

(le rug aren’t on tamur anymore btw. we asked ray to gtfo.)

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