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Michael Jackson Halts Auction…? by kayzimbo
April 15, 2009, 4:08 pm
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Anything Michael Jackson does, no matter how much it relates to children, money or music, immediately classifies him as a) crazy and b) creepy as fuck.

This picture could be a bit of a stretch for this specific topic, but it brings back memories.  It was announced today that Michael Jackson stopped the auctioning of 1400 personal items that were once housed in Neverland Ranch.

A lot of these personal belongings had already been put online for public viewing, and even included a Rolls Royce limo and Golden Throne.  Although it was said that Jackson agreed to this auction earlier in 2009, he took action in March 2009 and sued Julien’s Auction House to stop this process. Sued? Well, maybe there is some American blood in him.

–Kyra Zeller

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