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Crystal Castles Start Drama by kayzimbo
April 16, 2009, 1:35 pm
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If you haven’t heard the recent uproar in the Indie music world, Crystal Castles cancelled a sold out show in Dallas two nights ago. They kept fans waiting until 10pm, when they decided to cancel the show at the last minute. Tons of rumors were swirling around the blogosphere as to why they cancelled this show.

Some claimed that Vega (the opening band who Crystal Castles kicked off the bill) said, “Crystal Castles were Prima Donnas at the Granada Theatre while they were trying to sound check for the show…and wanted to cancel the show instead of  possibly not having enough kick drum.” (The Tripwire) Other rumors were that Vega had stolen part of Crystal Castles’ set and because of this, they didn’t want to perform.

Vega just issued a letter to the public, to gain back their reputation and tell everyone that they ARE NOT KLEPTOS! Really Crystal Castles? I mean, I highly doubt a band would steal gear from a people they respect, especially if they are going on tour with them (it would be kind of obvious if Crystal Castles saw Vega using their equipment at venues along the tour…).

It is kind of lame of Crystal Castles to not give Vega the benefit of the doubt, and instead have their booking agent get in contact with the band to kick them off a sold-out bill. At least tell the band face to face that you think they’re stealing yo’ shit and get those goods BACK!

Read the letter from Vega here:

our deepest apologies to anyone who was expecting (respectively) to enjoy themselves at a dance show last night and instead felt the cold sting of a series of bullshit moves. The situation was unfortunately out of our hands but we greatly appreciate everyone who was looking forward to seeing us and especially to the people at Granada & C3 entertainment who worked with us empathetically amidst the long winded accusations. Though we can’t change what CC apparently thinks of us and Granada, we at-least deserve an opportunity to defend our side of the story. Our explanation goes as follows:

Shortly after playing our set in Austin, Crystal Castles asked if they could use our guitar which we gladly agreed too. Shortly after the set the crew packed our gear and helped us load out. An FX pedal they used during their set was packed into our guitar cab (unbeknownst to us). Upon arriving back at my apartment we found it and immediately got ahold of their sound engineer offering to return it promptly. We were told to bring it to Dallas. The next day we arrive at the Granada in Dallas only to be asked to leave the premises by personal request of Crystal Castles via Tom Windish of Windish Agency. We handed the pedal to a sound guy and packed our shit without so much as an explanation for CC Party. Considering we were thrown out of the press pit during the show by their management, accused of mindfully drinking their booze, botching our guest list, and contentiously commenting this to our manager, the fact that they still have the nerve to accuse us of theft is flat out insulting. Do they truly think we’d stupid enough to compromise our reputation as a band, and ruin a rapport with a band we were initially honored to play with for a goofy FX pedal? Treating gigs like these flippantly is just something we don’t do. That would be flat out moronic. We still have great admiration for Crystal Castles as artists and in all honesty they seemed very nice in Austin. But the lack of intervention to the arrogance of their management leaves me somewhat disappointed. Granada has already begun working out refunds and compensation. I commend their compassion for the fanbase they’ve built in Dallas. It’s unfortunate that can’t be said about the other party involved. I did a radio interview today explaining this shit storm (if things haven’t already been made Crystal Clear).


What do you guys think? Vega vs. Crystal Castles: bring it on.

-Kyra Zeller (team Vega)


They better get their shit together, because I love Crystal Castles.

Comment by tjwell01

So, it was about time somebody stole something from this cretins isn’t it? GET IT 😀 AHAHA.. in case you don’t get it .. you know, they steal music and paintings from other people..

Comment by SidGallup

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