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April 16, 2009, 5:16 pm
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Double Agent

My ancient headphones recently turned to crap, just in time for the prime-time listening summer season. In the process of searching for a new set, i came across these – although i settled for the always reliable Bose brand.

WeSC – the under $60 brand that covers the ears (preferable for our winter season). Comes in different/bright colors, buds, and styles.

Nerve Pipes – customize your own set of headphones for CHEAP under $40!

Skullcandy – The headphones that I used to have back in highschool and worked WELL until i lost part of the cord and they became too hard to use.

— Rachel HelmanWESC Headphones - Sitar (Marshmallow)


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love it love it love it.. i just designed a pair

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