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Review: New Ben Harper and the Relentless7 by tjwell01

bhr7-main1Ben Harper’s new album has got more blues and back-up singers than you want to hear normally, but Harper still keeps you around with his soul-gripping vocals.

Ben Harper is back with his new gang, The Relentless7, in “White Lies for Dark Times” set for release on May 5th. The new album isn’t as quaint as Harper’s last studio album, “Lifeline,” but still manages to revitalize good electric blues-rock.

It’s got some fast paced rock songs, but Harper’s voice is too special for this kind of sound. He’s best when he’s going solo, holding nothing but his acoustic guitar and a fresh-lit cigarette by his side. “Lifeline” seduced me like no other solo-acoustic album in a long time, and I was a little disappointed when I didn’t get it in “White Lies for Dark Times.”

That said, the album has some quality old-school, blues-rock songs like “Shimmer and Shine.” Harper may be an acoustic enchanter at heart, but he knows how to rock out too. I respect Harper’s spirit, so I thus respect this album.

If you really like Ben Harper, pick this album up, but for those looking for really good Harper, pick up “Lifeline.”

–Jett Wells, Co-Reviews Editor


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