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Emerging Artists: Thao with the Get Down Stay Down by tjwell01

KRS481_CDF142_outI’m always skeptical when I think I’ve found an emerging artist, because someone usually responds in capital letters, “YOU LOSER, THESE GUYS HAVE BEEN AROUND FOREVER.” Well these guys are new to me, so deal with it.

I present to you, Thao with the Get Down Stay Down. They just released their new tour dates on their MySpace. It was sent to me in a press release from Kill Rock Stars Records.

Listen to their tracks, and tell me they’re not fun to listen to. It’s all in the vocals for me. I’m trying to think of who they remind me of. Their instrumental ensemble is brass like Beirut, but the vocals sound like the guys from MGMT, roughly. Try it out.

–Jett Wells, Co-Reviews Editor

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I’m so glad you found Thao Nguyen! I love her. I saw her opening for Rilo Kiley last summer. She reminded me of an Asian Cat Power, but a little more upbeat.
Also, her song “Bag of Hammers” is used in the new Clorox commercial for cleaning wipes with the boxes that change designs. Fun fact.

Comment by Mary C.

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