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Concert Preview: To The Ruins by kayzimbo
April 20, 2009, 2:16 pm
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Mayfest, I mean SU Showcase, is NOT a day to party. No alcohol. No Euclid. No Fun. While the administration is trying to shut down a Syracuse University holiday, they are also trying to get students to participate in activities on campus. One of these school-sponsored (but cool) activities is a concert featuring To The Ruins and Sophistafunk outside the women’s building at 1pm. Will students leave the Euclid mecca to check out the show? Mike Murray, guitarist from To The Ruins, says, “I don’t think kids from Euclid will stick to Euclid. People will be filtering in from all over once they hear live music, which will be louder than anything else that’s going on. I think students will naturally drift towards the women’s building once they see that there is a live performance going on.  Plus, if everyone is drunk, they will want to go see a live show because it’s something fun to do.”

I will definitely be checking out this awesome show, but naturally, only after spending some quality time on Euclid. Tomorrow, April 21, 1pm at the women’s building (the corner of Comstock and Euclid). Happy Mayfest!

-Kyra Zeller

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