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Phoenix: Remix of “1901” and Free Download! by kayzimbo

wap_myspacePhoenix has been all over the media the past few weeks. These indie heartthrobs have earned themselves a stellar reputation since 2000 when they released their first album United. They created a melting pot of funk, electronica, and indie rock that had original and fresh smells to it when it first came out. They are releasing a new album titled Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (V2 Records) on May 25, 2009, although the tracks were leaked in March and have already gained a widespread fan base. 

Andrew Maury, a Syracuse University graduate, remixed the song “1901” under the DJ collaboration Remix Artist Collective (RAC). Maury has remixed countless other bands such as Tokyo Police Club, Radiohead and Bear Hands, and has created a distinctive remix sound for himself. Be sure to check out his other remixes as well, especially the Nintendo vs. Sega EP which is both fun and nostalgic to listen to.

Phoenix is starting a massive tour to promote their new album, so check out the remix below and definitely snatch a copy of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. If you want a sneak peak, check out the band’s myspace page to listen to two tracks off the new album (titled “Lisztomania” and “1901”) or use the link below to download a free copy of “1901.” These tunes are undeniably satisfying and deserve a listen from everyone.

-Kyra Zeller

1901 Free Download -Free Download of “1901” from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix


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