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20W Mag: bands you need to hear now by Angela
April 30, 2009, 9:18 am
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If you aren’t familiar with the scratchy, tender voice of Chris Garneau, now is the time. With his third album El Radio coming out this May, Garneau is going to make a splash in the music world with his unique piano assembles and lyrics that could make any girl or boy weep with sorrow.

Every song in his last two albums has had the “Chris Garneau touch” – organic lyrics about love and heartbreak, agony and death. It may sound solemn, but he delivers the rawness of confliction and heartache through his delicate voice and passionate strums on the piano.

In his song Black & Blue, Garneau sings: “at night he lies awake, and his heart aches…he sweats it out all the night through and he throws up all over me and you.” The simplicity is obvious, but the delivery makes listeners tremble with chills.

Chris Garneau is the perfect artist to listen to on a breezy summer night; he’ll make you reassess the foundations of love and the true conflict of relationships.

-Angela Hu

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