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Emerging Artist: Voldis and the melodicas by kayzimbo

zuluYou’ll be hooked onto Voldis and the melodicas after thirty seconds into “Zulu Surfer.” This song crawls into my head, grabs onto my brain and engulfs it in a blanket of simplicity and curiosity, leaving me begging for more. This Canadian band consists of two members, Kevin Forde (Voldis) and Micheal Glucki (the melodicas). Forde’s voice reminds me of the lead of Dispatch but when paired with Glucki’s musicianship, makes me want to roll down all the windows, raise the volume, light one up, and surround myself in the beautiful summer air. With emphasis on all the right syllables, and a sound that makes scratchy sound sexy, Forde hits this recording right on target.

The other songs incorporate wind instruments and a female vocalist. “La Luna” brings me to an Italian dinner, overlooking the water but has spanish feel that makes me want to get out of my seat and salsa. The wind instrument (brass) brings in a bit of a romantic feeling while the female vocalist’s harmonies really add a delicateness to the music that is not easily attainable. If you don’t give all the songs a chance, I urge you to listen to “Zulu Surfer,” because it will probably become one of your new favorites.

-Kyra Zeller

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Absolutely agree. I just heard of them and I already love em!

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