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Drake the Fake? Watch him “Blackberry” this freestyle by Trevor Kiv

As of last post, we were advocating Cash Money’s new Canadian counterpart Drake. However, after seeing this fake freestyle on Funk Master Flex’s Hot 97 show, we’re beginning to reconsider. As a protege of Lil Wayne, does this cast a shadow of doubt on his Weezy’s claim that he’s never written a single lyric down? You bet.

And just the other day, I heard an industry cat boasting that Drake is the second coming of Jay-Z. Now what would H.O.V.A. say about this facade? Don’t get me wrong; I think Drake is the ultimate player for pullin’ this over on us all. We won’t be surprised if Drake’s publicist claims that he is actually BBMing while freestylin’ because he is just THAT dope.

–Trevor Kiv, web editor

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I’m really shocked…I remember watching this guy on Degrassi…yeah, I watched it a few times. Next Jay-Z? Give me a break.

Comment by tjwell01

Listen to So Far Gone, you’ll understand why is being compared to Jigga, as for the balckberry thing he cant freestyle so what, rhymes and flow is still sick as hell.

Comment by Wadey Wade

@wadey wade ……..”he cant freestyle so what” ? ? ? ?
“rhymes and flow is still sick as hell.” LOL!!!!!!!! wadey wadey wadey you dont know hip-hop and whjat a real “emcee”. its not bout actors portraying a image to sell records bud, rhymes? haha dude his ghost writer is the one who writes for him,problly wayne.dude only wanted to be famous he aint no emcee, we dont choose to emcee, emcee’n chooses us,stuff like this is why youtube has videos of so called “FREESTYLES” WHEN 80-85 % ARE NOT REAL !.SHI*YOUR FAVORITE RAPPER CANT FREESTYLE TO SAVE HIS LIFE NOW DAYS, CUZ OF PEOPLE LIKE Wadey Wade LIKING THIS B.S. “jacobpauljakesone” peep my youtube channel for the real poop.

Comment by jacobpauljakesone

the fk u talkin about he wackk u crazii nigguh … u serious and u saying this shit in this day and age weezy aint got no fking skillz in writing songs nigguhs gotta right for tha tmother fker and u tlkin bout he write for drake lmfaoo that nigguh kills lil wayne even on his tracks

Comment by kobrawh nigguh

another studio made fake for you boppers. this fool has no cred anywhere…except at the end of DEGRASSI. pathetic. he is a smidgen compared to jay-z. he’s also pussy whipped which means he soft. not even close.

Comment by fake indeed

Yea I also had enormous respect for drake until I saw this freestyle. He isn’t typing and this is obvious. So unless he is reading a book on his blackberry this is def not off the top.

Comment by Eddie

And also notice how after the first vest he immediatky puts it down and then scrolls to find the next verse

Comment by Eddie

Drake has *stated* he writes his lines, this isn’t news. being associated with Weezy doesn’t mean you’re doing shit the same way

and big fucking deal if he wants to cheat once in a while, who wouldn’t consider it on live radio?

Comment by South

anyone who has respect for drake is a fucking moron. your lack of intelligence is the reason we are in a recession. you are fucking retarted. drakes pulling a fast one on all of you. whoever writes waynes verses writes drakes verses too. hes a bitch, i mean hes from toronto. fuck that dude. stay away from rap or get clapped up drake.

Comment by jesus

“…so sell that Mother—–r to anybody that i know,
Cause they need it much more than i ever will…”

Drake rapping about a blackberry on the So Far Gone Mixtape.

Comment by InDirect

This is one reason not to like him…the other reason, his stage performances suck in my opinion. I thought he was supposed to be handicapped only on Degrassi, but on stage he looks like all they did was take the wheelchair from him…not sexy at all.

Comment by nobody

he doesn’t hide that he uses his black berry

one of his verses

“I could get money with my eyes closed
Lost some of my hottest versus down at cabo
So if you find a blackberry with the sides scroll
Sell that mothafucka to any rapper that I know
Cause they need it much more than I ever will
I got new shit
I’m gettin better still
Little niggas put my name in their verses
Cause they girlfriend put my ass on a pedestal
Future said cause it’s ye shit you better kill
And I think it’s got them making of a legend feel
Problem with these other niggas they
Ain’t never real”

Comment by Joe

ok, listen up. i’m going to speak extremely clear and break it down for you.
1. i can put you on live radio and give you one of your hottest verses, and i guarantee you will use it.
2. maybe he cant freestyle, its all good. his style, flow and lyrics are nasty.
3. he already said he writes his lines.. what the fuck whats the big deal he already admitted it.
4. ignorant people like this-
” anyone who has respect for drake is a fucking moron. your lack of intelligence is the reason we are in a recession. you are fucking retarted. drakes pulling a fast one on all of you. whoever writes waynes verses writes drakes verses too. hes a bitch, i mean hes from toronto. fuck that dude. stay away from rap or get clapped up drake.”
are the real cause of the recession. liking drake doesnt make anyone stupid, saying dumb shit like he did about how drake is from toronto so he cant rap, is what makes you stupid. i bet drake can still murder that kids ass on a freestyle, not even blackberried lol.
5. stfu and let shit happen. let the hate die.

Comment by frostbite brizz

So it doesn’t matter that he can’t freestyle but he will ride in on a white horse for you and prove what an asshole this guy is by free styling better than him. Thanks for the recession fool.

Comment by XAm

Drake is a rich kids who’s daddy paid Wayne to put him on. Drake has a DeGrassi swag he raps about nithin but puzzy. Wayne dont care he gettin money. Anyone could be a lyricist if they sat down and thought about what they would “free” style bout. This the ish Jay-z talkin about “moment of silence” these fake cats need to r.i.p…killing real hip hop auto tune genereation yall are so brain washed. Check Drakes hand gestures on stage, the real nig come out when an artist is on stage…this man hurt his leg cried and left…..with the voice over still playin lol…after he’s finish Bow Wow will be next Weezt siging him. ppl will be believin in BW lol Get money Wayne itz only business ppl

Comment by Hip hip diadnostic

frostbite, ok yea he said he writes his own stuff but he was still claiming a freestyle. you can tell he was even acting like it, like oh yea im feelin it, he was giving the impression he was goin off the top. so in a sence hes lying, and, by the way ya he says he writes his own stuff but guaranteed hes got a writer or writers, definitly. im with “nobody” on this one.
hes pullin a quick one on everyone, especially you frost.

Comment by ishmeal

Yeah im a lil suprised to see this footage but I still think Drake is cold. The kid can spit no doubt about that.He is making his presence known hate it or love it. Im sure he wanted to let everyone know what he is about and choking on a freestyle on hot 97 when everyone is already questioning this light skinned canadian child star is the last thing he needed. Imma fan of the music havent heard anything whack yet, but the video for best ive ever had is a different story.

Comment by TIFFANI

Bitch you can’t spell and you can’t think. Go buy a Justin bieber lunch box for one of your illegitimate hood rat kids you fake ass trick. Fucking sound like Treyvons jump off for christs sake…

Comment by XAm

man yall just hating drake is da truth yall just dont see it yet everybody write their rhymes on their phone

Comment by quadry holloman

Wait a minute…I F*#$@ng LOVE FFF but damn this is like watching someone steal ur boys ride and not doing somthing! And he keeps talkin and messing up and he’s holding the script? Flex man u shoulda pulled his cards? Drake is a good entertainer and no he prolly couldnt turn down FLEX know’n he cant flow n all but damn man u should said no video! SUCKA! But keep making ur music and doin what u do just next time dont pull that same issh with DJ CLUE?


If Jay Z was Jewish then Drake would be the next Jay Z

Comment by Soft Money

this guy is a clown. his raps are just total rip-offs of lil wayne. and the way he talks now is so lame trying to be so hard. in one song he says hes from a block where its so bad you cant order a pizza. he actually is from a rich neighborhood in toronto. liar.

Comment by yoyo

Once an actor, always an actor. Anyone could have seen this coming, if you just bio your favorite artists to see where they come from and what they are about. Research these people if you intend to invest so much time in them…”always tell the truth, so i’m coo in every hood spot” PFFHHHAA

Comment by That Dude Kyle

who cares if he cant freestyle dat nigga got some sick rhymes plus drake never says he is freestyling he also never claims it.

Comment by blah214

Saying it is THE SAME DAMN THING AS CLAIMING IT. Kids are stupid as shit.

Comment by XAm

Lol , do you know his neighborhood personally, sir? Just wondering ;).

Comment by DrizzyBlake

Yeah, actually it’s called “bridal path”, it’s where a lot of rich government and business people live. The garbage an comes up to your house, takes the can, empties it and returns it for you. What do you know ma’am ?

Comment by XAm

I didn’t need this or anything to know that he’s totally fake… his way was paved

Comment by Mike

This chump… What a fucking joke. He lost me at…’ like a sprained ankle, I aint nothin to play with’ referring to his most troubled life trails after hurting his ankle at a rehearsal. Weezy’s money and backing will only take this soft bitch so far. Hip-hop is not his territory. Put his CD’s next to Brittany’s.

Comment by B-ill

Have no respect for drake…. he raps about how hard it was getting into the rap game… this guy was set from the start… show some respect drake let the real people rap about hard times cause you aint never had em.

Comment by JustAPerson

Fake Phony Pile of Doo Doo ..

Comment by Bobert

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