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Concert Preview: videohippos by kayzimbo

vhWelcome to NYC, where the only place you can get into a show if you’re not 18 is a DIY venue in Brooklyn. Thankfully, there are more all ages shows being organized than ever in this borough that was once only a reminder of a racially and culturally divided city. The Market Hotel is a venue off the JMZ Myrtle-Broadway stop (actually a few hundred feet from my front door) and is host to many of these alternative rock/electronica/all genre shows. I have checked out the venue for myself, and while it’s pretty cool (and cheap!), it’s definitely no Music Hall of Williamsburg, which can be a good thing. The moldings on the walls and 20 ft. ceilings elude to days where maybe Bushwick was a more desirable place to live, with catering halls and events galore – but then again, maybe not.

videohippos are making the trip to this Brooklyn venue from Baltimore, MD and are going to be in the middle of a one-week tour spanning from DC all the way to Canada. The band is definitely focused around the musicianship of their songs rather than the vocals, which is a breath of fresh air from all the bands today who feel pressured to have vocalists, whether or not they are talented singers. While the song “Piss Traction” may be a little noise-esque for my taste, “Koolshades” is a tune that will stay in your head for the next week (although it’s slightly repetetive, and needs a little bit of a longer bridge/build-up).”Wages of Fear” is probably my favorite song on their myspace, short and sweet at about two minutes long with a guitar line that keeps my head bouncing from side to side.

This Saturday, videohippos are playing at the Market Hotel with DoubleDagger, AirWaves, ScreamingFemales, and the SoSoGlos (I suppose a connection between all these bands is the odd capitalizations?).

5/23/2009 @ 8pm

1142 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY

JMZ-Myrtle, L-Jefferson, G-Myrtle/Willoughby

Shouldn’t be too expensive; leave the safety of Manhattan and venture to BK for this awesome line-up.

-Kyra Zeller

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