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Jamie Foxx to Play Ol’ Blue Eyes? by tjwell01

jamie-foxxIt was reported a few days ago that Marin Scorsese signed on to direct the much anticpated Frank Sinatra biopic, and according to a report on Paste’s blog, Jamie Foxx is a top candidate to get the lead role.

Say what?

Other candidates to play Sinatra are the following: George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Harry Connick Jr. and Justin Timberlake. Those names are expected, but Jamie Foxx? The obvious elephant in the room is that Foxx is black, and Sintra was a white guy. This would be a legendary performance if Foxx could pull it off.

Foxx proved he could act when he won Best Actor for Ray, but this another deal. Unless Scorsese plans to give Foxx a Michael Jackson make-up job, I don’t see how this can work. Black actors have played white characters before, but only when the movie wasn’t a literal interpretation of the person. The script would need a complete makeover to only loosely base it off Sinatra’s life, so that Foxx’s skin color wouldn’t be a problem.

I’m cheering for Foxx to see if he can do this, and I’m paying top dollar to see if Scorsese goes for it. If Scorsese doesn’t go black, I just hope he doesn’t pick JT. Wow, that would be bad.

–Jett Wells, Reviews Editor

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