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Paste: The Next Casualty? by tjwell01
May 18, 2009, 2:02 pm
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BenPasteCover2008Paste Magazine might be on its way out soon. If the recession and the collapsing of print publications around the country weren’t scary enough, then log onto Pastemagazine.com, and see the last breaths of yet another great magazine.

There’s a page that loads before the Paste homepage opens up that reads: “DONATE NOW! JOIN DOZENS OF ARTISTS IN THE CAMPAIGN TO SAVE PASTE! YES WE CAN!”

It’s so sad, because I respect Paste Magazine dearly. They aren’t just a music magazine, they cover all of the Media, including video games and books. Nonetheless, music is their forte and they know what they’re talking about. Every issue has good feature interviews with the most relevant artists in the industry along with quality writing.

It’s especially tragic since one of my colleagues and friends is interning for them  in Georgia this summer. She said their staff is full of fun and sweet people. She liked it so much a year ago, that she’s taking the same internship again. Unfortunately for her, she must know now first hand what it’s like to watch a magazine slowly die away.

I just hope the magazine can retain its blog, because they keep up-to-date news posts around the clock. I’ve cited it many times before, and it would suck to lose it.

–Jett Wells, Reviews Editor


Pretty sure this donation thing is a hoax. Don’t waste your cash. And paste is kinda boring, sorry

Comment by Joe

Ok maybe it’s true but the weak mags gotta croak, somethin better will take it’s place soon enough

Comment by Joe

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