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Editors Pick 135: New Chairlift video, “Bruises” by caitlindewey
June 6, 2009, 11:38 am
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If you’ve seen a single iPod commercial in the past six months, you’re probably already addicted to the quirky twee ditties of Brooklyn trio Chairlift.  As of today, however, there’s even more “Bruises” to love!  Chairlift just released the music video for their popular (and addictive!) single, and of course, it has it all: spraypaint, handicams, zany American flag Ts, and excessive footage of Caroline Polachek writhing in the carnage of broken film tapes.  Check it out! 

And make sure to download Chairlift’s sophomore album, Does You Inspire You, which came out on Kanine last October.  

– Caitlin Dewey

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