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Concert Review: Cymbals Eat Guitars, 5/27 @ Southpaw by carlywolkoff

When I first arrived at Southpaw, I instantly recognized Joseph Ferocious, though I was befuddled.  His demeanor was quite reclusive, as he stood alone at the back of the venue, blending in completely with the crowd.   I thought, “Ferocious….really?”  I expected greatness from the band I was hooked on after only one listen of their debut album, Why There Are Mountains.

But as soon as Cymbals Eat Guitars took the stage, the change in Ferocious’ persona was so drastic it was as if those few moments alone facilitated this morph from Joseph D’Agostino to Joseph Ferocious.  In fact, he shattered any and all inhibitions upon playing the first song, “And The Hazy Sea.”  His entire body convulsed along with the guitar, as if there truly was no distinction between musician and instrument—and thankfully, this energy never left.  The film of sweat that developed on Ferocious’ face only moments after taking the stage is a testament to his dedication and passion not only as a talented musician, but a captivating performer.

If you ever wondered about the lack of Youtube videos showcasing the band’s live performances, it is probably because the audience is so utterly mind-blown to partake in any sort of distraction (and no, this is not my crappy excuse for not providing you with multi-media galore).  Colt 45 in hand, much of the Brooklyn-stereotype-adhering audience froze in sincere amazement of Ferocious’ performance.  The whirling highs and lows which characterize Why There Are Mountains are magnified by a live show.

-Carly Wolkoff

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