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New Breakfast at Sullimay’s features Wilco, Dirty Projectors by caitlindewey

My grandmother hasn’t acknowledged the existence of an album since Frank Sinatra’s Nice ‘n’ Easy.  Thus, the idea of her listening to the latest from Beirut, Common or Yo La Tengo isn’t just comical — it’s downright ridiculous.  It’s also the concept behind Breakfast at Sulimay’s, a video blog/online television series that you (and your grandma) are gonna want to check out, if you haven’t already.

From the corner of what appears to be a B-grade suburban diner, three lovable senior citizens don headphones, jam to the latest from the likes of Andrew Bird, Matt & Kim and Bat for Lashes, and deliver their ruling on the tracks.

My grandmother would surely grimace and pronounce that Dan Deacon’s “Snookered” was in headache-inducing poor taste.

Joe, Ann and Bill are totally down, though — they love Dan Deacon!  They love Eminem!  And of the latest from Grizzly Bear, they say:

“Is this… English?”

Priceless!  Youth is wasted on the young.

— Caitlin Dewey

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