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Best Musicians to Follow on Twitter by tjwell01
Stay up-to-date on your favorite artists by following them on Twitter

Stay up-to-date on your favorite artists by following them on Twitter

All fans can get closer to their favorite bands just by following their tweets, whether those tweets are about recording sessions, post-concert thoughts or how big their feet are.  Musicians in general are a lot of fun to follow, but these are the select few that really stand out.

1) John Mayer, a.k.a. “johncmayer”

Mayer loves to tweet, and he does so by making quirky analyses and comments to other celebrities — including the United States.  Spotted July 4th on Mayer’s Twitter: “America, since it’s your birthday, you just lie on the couch. I’ll make you flapjacks. Today is your day. I am so happy to be your girl!”  What an enigma.

2) Matt + Kim, a.k.a. “mattandkim”

Matt + Kim’s twitpics, while random, are also adorable.  The duo reflects on nachos, Disney World and recycled toilet paper, as well.

3) Wes Miles, a.k.a. “TennismansWharf”

Wes makes funny comments about the weather and getting pedicures. He’s pretty consistent too.

4) Bat For Lashes, a.k.a. “Bat_For_Lashes”

Natasha Khan (or her underpaid publicist) keeps this Twitter updated with interesting links to Bat For Lashes remixes, performances and other activities.

5) M.I.A., a.k.a. “_M_I_A_”

What’s not to like about anti-Sri Lankan government propaganda? M.I.A. mixes hers with zany slang mannerisms, i.e. “This is how history gets made,in 20 years we wont remeba this intricate detail, we will just be fed the numbers.”

–Jett Wells, Editor-in-Chief

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