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Coldplay releases a new video for “Strawberry Swing” by ashleycollman
July 22, 2009, 12:14 am
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Martin as superhero in "Strawberry Swing"

Martin as superhero in "Strawberry Swing"

Coldplay’s music can be kind of a sleeper, but their music videos rarely are. Their latest video for “Strawberry Swing,” the fifth single off of Viva La Vida, was released yesterday and maybe the most stunning.

This is saying something since Chris Martin had to sing a song backwards for “The Scientist” music video. In “Strawberry Swing,” Martin plays a superhero in a live-animation world made of chalk. The amazing intricacies of the video explain why the video was released now instead of a year ago when Viva La Vida first came out.

But the coolest thing about this video is that it’s so childlike. The video says something about the band, because they are family men with wives and children. It’s spectacular, personal and brings a different perspective to the song.

You can view the video at Babelgum.com

—Ashley Collman



Chris Martin WOULD play a superhero in his own music video haha…but it’s really cool, nonetheless.

Comment by carlywolkoff

I completely love this video, i cant quite wrap my mind around how they pulled it off.

Comment by irinadvalidze

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