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Editor’s Pick #142: “Creed Shreds” by Dan
Popular 1990s post-grunge band Creed recently announced its reunion

Popular 1990s post-grunge band Creed recently announced its reunion

Thus far, 2009 has seen some truly exciting reunion announcements. Blur and Phish have begun touring again, while Alice in Chains and Blink-182 have gone one step further in announcing upcoming album releases. But unfortunately, so has Creed.

Remember Creed? That maybe-Christian, definitely-annoying Tallahassee band that tore up the charts in the late 1990s and early 2000’s with songs like “Higher” and “With Arms Wide Open”? That band that (somehow) managed to achieve a diamond-certified album (1999’s Human Clay)? Yeah…they’re back, too…


During their break-up, singer Scott Stapp started an ill-fated solo career, while the remaining members formed Alter Bridge, with new singer Myles Kennedy. In other words, they both faded into obscurity. Yay! But now, Creed is back with its original lineup with a new tour and a new album (tentatively titled Full Circle) due for release later in the year.

Fortunately, there’s a temporary antidote to this affliction: a series of YouTube videos called “Creed Shreds.” In the series’ three installments, user “spiritswitchboard” takes both concert and promotional video footage from Creed and overdubs it with his own hilarious mockery of the band. He pokes fun at Stapp’s vocal style, guitarist Mark Tremonti‘s playing technique and just about everything else in between.

It may not stop the reunion, but the series will certainly help us cope with the damages wrought by it. Check out the third installment, “Creed Shreds 3: You Sh!t Here With Me LIVE!” after the jump.

–Dan Kaplan, Front-of-Book Editor


To quote David Cross: “I would rather hear the death rattle of my only child than listen to that fuckin’ shit.”

Then again, “With Arms Wide Open” was THE song to slow-dance to at the middle school dances that I always got rejected at. So, screw Creed.

Comment by bzr

Dan, this post is already legendary, just for the fact that you wrote about Creed.

Comment by johncassillo

Looking at it, I suppose I shouldn’t have put Phish in that first category, as they’ve announced an album as well. Oh well.

Comment by Dan

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