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Editor’s Pick #149: Super Mash Bros.’ All About the Scrillions by JohnCassillo
Super Mash Bros. Try to Overtake Girl Talk As Top Mash-Up Artist

Super Mash Bros. try to overtake Girl Talk as top mash-up artist

PREVIEW: Download Super Mash Bros.’ All About the Scrillions Free from artist

While everyone was going crazy over Girl Talk‘s Feed the Animals last year (not that I didn’t enjoy it — I did), I was having my own mash-up party with Super Mash Bros. Based in L.A., Nick Denmore and Dick Fink seemed to accomplish what Greg Gillis couldn’t: make memorable individual tracks. It would take quite an effort on my part to pick out any one song off of Feed the Animal just by hearing it, yet I guarantee I’d be able to guess them all on Super Mash Bros.’ debut, Fuck Bitches. Get Euros. You can thank all of the ’90s hits for that.

What makes Super Mash Bros. stand out is the nostalgia factor. The crux of every track is usually a song from my (our) youth, be it the Spice Girls, old Britney Spears or Jimmy Eat World. These heavy doses of ’90s nostalgia and middle school dance flashbacks remind me of a simpler, easier time in my life. Sentimentality goes a long way.

With that type of debut, you can imagine my elation finding a new album available for free download last week. As much as I loved their first effort, the sophomore release All About the Scrillions puts it to shame. The guys have fine-tuned their style, and the results are astounding. There’s a fantastic flow to this album that can’t be duplicated, and every original track embedded within the songs is distinct and memorable.

It’s blasphemy to many, but in some ways, Super Mash Bros. surpass Girl Talk. No matter how much you and I have probably hated Disturbed and Nelly at one point or another, it’s endearing to hear both blended together with the usually-unforgivable Good Charlotte. Super Mash Bros. understand that, and — love them or hate them — these guys are at the top of the mash-up game, even while sampling some deplorable songs.

— John Cassillo, Reviews Editor


This sounds awesome! I’m definitely going to download. Totally over Girl Talk, anyway.

Comment by caitlindewey

LOVE Super Mash Bros…but nothing beats Easter Egg. Seriously, get Jackin’ For Beats.


Comment by carlywolkoff

Epic find, totally love it

Comment by irinadvalidze

Glad to see everybody’s a fan. I’m still debating where this ranks in terms of this year’s releases.

Comment by johncassillo

Total name ripoff from Syracuse’s Smash Bros. Boooo! Where’s the hometown love?

Comment by Liam

And both of them are “total name ripoffs” of a video game title, are you serious?

Comment by vilbobag

Yeah I am serious, douchebag.

Comment by Liam

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