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20 Watts Reviews Throw Me the Statue’s Creaturesque by JohnCassillo
Throw Me the Statue's Creaturesque delivers some great guitar-pop

Throw Me the Statue's Creaturesque delivers some great guitar-pop

PREVIEW: Download Throw Me the Statue’s “Waving at the Shore” MP3
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With a name like Creaturesque, you’d assume Throw Me the Statue‘s second full-length album is either an exercise in noise pop, or a playful description of relaxed indie. In this case, the album goes with the latter. Building on a productive debut from two years back, the group, led by Scott Reitherman, displays a refined knowledge of where they stand. They are keenly aware of what they’re capable of, never looking to push past these limitations, which would sully the listening experience. Creaturesque is an indie pop record comfortable in its own skin.

Throughout, the album is easy to listen to. It’s a relaxing form of pop, utilizing diverse instrumentation to create jovial songs. This is obviously the mission from the first notes of lead track “Waving at the Shore,” which incorporates a fair share of brass, keyboard and falsetto to mold a great first look at what the album has in store. The first few tracks feel conservatively adventurous, and maybe listening, you do too.

Another aspect of the album that seems to stand out is the broad array of influences that bleed through at various points. No two songs sound alike, playing on various bright and engaging formulas for making quality pop. One second, you’ll swear you’re listening to Belle and Sebastian, and soon after, Bishop Allen. Even The Radio Dept. seem to get some play on electronic-based “Snowshoes.” One of the more unsung contributions actually ends up coming from Pedro the Lion. Though Pedro the Lion is usually associated with ballads a bit more somber and downtrodden, former member Casey Foubert (now in Throw Me the Statue) obviously brings in his favorite pieces of that act to brighten up this one.

What’s most surprising about Creaturesque is how much better it gets with each listen. The first time, you catch the glaring positives, but can miss out on the nuances that build it into the success it is. Each track is more detailed than it originally lets on, and is all the more rewarding an experience once you realize it. From a guitar-pop standpoint, we may be looking at one of the more intrepid releases of the year, with five months left to go.

— John Cassillo


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