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Emerging Artist: LMFAO by tjwell01
August 9, 2009, 11:40 am
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LMFAO did an interview half naked last Thusday (8/6) in Times Square

LMFAO did an interview half naked last Thursday (8/6) in Times Square

PREVIEW: Download LMFAO’s Rock Party (Full album) MP3

LMFAO, a vulgar and obnoxious DJ duo nicknamed Redfoo and Sky Blu aren’t class-acts, but they spin the sickest club jams you’ve ever heard.

Although their rap lyrics mix guy-humor and self-aware goofiness, they make up for it with creative electronic sound-mixing and collaborating with big artists, like Lil Jon. I like to think of them as a hip-hop heavy version of Cobra Starship. It’s quite literally the hottest hip-hop/house music I’ve heard this summer. It’ll only be five seconds until you jump out of your chair and start air-humping.

They performed on MTV’s It’s On with Alexa Chung Thursday, and did an interview with MTV News in Times Square that afternoon. Luckily 20Watts was on the scene to take snapshots, and things got awkward immediately (see above). LMFAO decided they wanted to get a tan in New York City, so they stripped down to their boxers before the interview. Classic attention-whores, they pranced around yelling at tourists and danced with gawking girls. They knew damn well what they were doing and you can hear it in their music as well.

Listening to their record after that scene, we weren’t impressed with their single “I’m in Miami Beach.” They’re a duo that depends on their dance beats, but the bass-beat in this song literally sounds like a fart-machine. (It samples “Planet Home” by Jamiroquai.) However, the songs “Shots” and “Lil’ Hipster Girl” are more than promising offerings.

They’re a gimmicky band, but so is Cobra Starship. There’s definitely a market for music like this. These guys will likely skyrocket to fame, because 1) they’ve got the image 2) they’re kick-ass DJs and 3) tons of rappers have made fortunes off songs about oral sex and big asses — so why not them?

They’re signed to Interscope Records and their debut album Party Rock leaked on June 23rd.

— Jett Wells


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Thanks for the free download, but no thanks. As nonsensical as this may sound, I’ll say it: I’ve never quite heard anything like LMFAO, but at the same time it still sounds ridiculously generic. “Shots” is alright, but I feel like these guys are mediocre at best as MCs.

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