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Editor’s Pick #160: O, Morning Summer Tour by caitlindewey
O, Morning Records' Sarah Aument plays a house show in Syracuse

O, Morning Records' Sarah Aument plays a house show in Syracuse

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Remember last month, when we hinted at the tantalizing possibility of an O, Morning Records summer tour? Well, good news for the label’s fans in Syracuse, Ithaca, Brooklyn and select Maryland/Pennsylvania cities: O, Morning Records is about to hit a house, community center or coffee shop near you!

It’s pretty exciting news for the label, which formed only a few months ago in a Brewster dorm room. And it’s even cooler for O, Morning’s friends and fans, who now have the chance to see phenomenal SU acts like Sarah Aument, Mouth’s Cradle, Big Mouth and Bears in America before heading back to school.

If the tour isn’t hitting your hometown, never fear — we hear that O, Morning is planning some events on campus, too. Full dates under the cut.

8/14 – Syracuse, NY – 504 Greenwood
8/15 – Ithaca, NY – 1329 Danby Rd
8/17 – Kennet Square, PA – 12 South Union Street
8/18 – Annapolis, MD – 12 Romar Drive
8/19 – Annapolis, MD – 23 Francis Street
8/20 – College Park, MD – TBA
8/21 – Bethlehem PA – The Wallflower
8/22 – Brooklyn, NY – 255 McKibben Street

— Caitlin Dewey, Editor-in-Chief

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