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Radiohead Leak Track? “These Are My Twisted Words” by cweeks88

Thom Yorke and Co. are headlining the Reading and Leeds Festivals in the UK at the end of August

Thom Yorke and Co. are headlining the Reading and Leeds Festivals in the UK at the end of August

PREVIEW: Radiohead’s “These Are My Twisted Words” MP3
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Just like how they only gave us a ten-day heads-up to let us know about In Rainbows, in typical Radiohead fashion — catching us when we weren’t looking — the band seem to have “leaked” a new song “These Are My Twisted Words,” possibly in preparation of releasing an EP entitled Wall of Ice some time soon. Unlike the last one dedicated to late WWI veteran Harry Patch, the entire band are jamming out on this more experimental track.

The new song has many classic Radiohead trademarks: Jonny Greenwood and Ed O’Brian’s creepy arpeggio and ringing guitar lines; Colin Greenwood’s bass going on off its own tangent, and Phil Selway keeping it tight on the drums with his perfectly steady beat. But wait, where’s Thom Yorke? He adds his cache for the group by coming in halfway through the song, creepily stating “These are my twisted words” and desperately asking “When are you coming back?” only to obviously add “I just can’t handle it.”

Despite all these factors, it certainly sounds like they are experimenting in a territory that has yet to be tried before. While the songs off In Rainbows sounded like songs originally written by Thom Yorke and are further developed by the rest of the band members, “These Are My Twisted Words” sounds much more like a product of a jam that could have been started by the drummer. It all mirrors a much darker and more sardonic “Weird Fishes/Arpeggi“. With their Krautrock influences worn higher on their sleeves this time around — they sound especially like Can and Neu!

It may bewilder and bore on the first listen, but as always Radiohead has a tendency to age like wine.

— Charlie Weeks


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