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Editor’s Pick #162: Fall On Your Sword Does William Shatner by bzr
Fall On Your Sword mixes catchy electronic beats with a dose of William Shatner

Fall On Your Sword mixes electronic beats with Bill Shatner's voice

PREVIEW: Download Fall On Your Sword’s “Back to the Ship” MP3
WATCH: Video below the Jump

Captain Kirk wants to make love to the mountain. Why? Because he’s Captain Kirk, dammit.

Let’s face it, anything William Shatner does is ripe for parody. The pop culture titan has embarked past his famous Star Trek role to go, boldly, into that brave niche of celebrity fame comprised of tongue-in-cheek cheesiness. Few people are able to match his level of self-parody — among them Chuck Norris, David Hasselhoff, and Mr. T — just the way they and their legions of fans intended. His oft-parodied performance of “Rocket Man,” for example, or his commercial role as the Priceline “Negotiator,” and you can’t help but form a huge grin on your face.

With this in mind, there’s a certain level of brilliance behind Fall on Your Sword, the Brooklyn-based electronic group presumably comprised of Star Trek nerds and ’80s television fans, and their mashups of catchy electronic beats with Shatner’s voice clips. While it’s easy to dismiss the efforts of FOYS as mere YouTube silliness (the sort that brought us Keyboard Cat and anything involving Tay Zonday), their songs are well-crafted enough to be more than a passing Internet meme. Here, from an extra on the Star Trek 4: The Final Frontier DVD, Bill talks about climbing a mountain. Shatner’s dialogue is unintentionally hilarious, yet frighteningly genuine, and the result is truly surreal.

For another example, “Back to the Ship” (download the MP3 above) mashes clips from the original Star Trek series with an even more hypnotic beat. Did those lines really make it into network television? Did Shatner really say “I’m trying to get a circumcision?” Who knows? You can’t tell with such a well-done parody.

The best part about FOYS’s songs is that they’re also catchy, lively dance mixes. Add them to your next party playlist and spot the Trekkies who light up when they hear it.

— Blake Rong, Features Editor


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