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Editor’s Pick #163: The Smith Westerns by JohnCassillo
The Smith Westerns' blend of 1950s pop and garage rock is a hit

The Smith Westerns' blend of 1950s pop and garage-rock is a hit

PREVIEW: Download The Smith Westerns’ “Girl in Love” MP3

The opening notes of The Smith Westerns‘ latest single, “Girl in Love” will inevitably evoke images of M. Ward‘s “Never Had Nobody Like You.” As much as the similarities are both present and true, try to look past them. For all of the sometimes-corny nostalgia Ward has been able to conjure up over the years, specifically with this year’s Hold Time, it still doesn’t hold a candle to what The Smith Westerns have going on right now.

Within a few months of their self-titled debut, these four guys from Chicago have managed to carve out a fairly unique, and highly listenable sound all their own. Mixing elements of garage-rock and indie-pop with a 1950s songwriting style, it would seem they’ve got a monopoly on the hokey scene at the moment.

Still, the boy-meets-girl, “please fall in love with me” vibe works to perfection, catching the ears of many-a-blogger, this one included. For their first effort, every track shows a gutsy sort of initiative that’s refreshing, as well as surprising. If you have any appreciation for Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons-type stuff, you’ve probably found your match with this one.

— John Cassillo, Reviews Editor

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